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Yair Asmel

These are the points that I found during the audit that will be worked on to improve practices, user experience, and website loads.
There are three important parts to the process:

  • First: verify that there are as few duplicate sections as possible to reduce the size of the site
  • Second: optimize plugin by changing the existing ones for others or eliminating them completely since some plugins have conflicts with each other eg: cache and woocommerce addons
  • Third: optimize delivery of Webp, gzip, cache and dns files that improve loads and reduce requests to the server

Here is the list of tasks to be carried out:

Hrs/C Servicio Precio/HorasAjusteSub Total
1 Updating and backup of the current site

to generate an updated and functional control point in case you need it

40.000,00 $0%40.000,00 $
2 create the test site to make all the important changes, the current test site is outdated I installed on the same wordpress

This site will serve as a testing environment to test major changes or test new elements on your website.

40.000,00 $0%80.000,00 $
7 remove duplicate modules for mobile and work with the responsive version using the constructor directly

This process reduces the weight of the site load, responsive versions are applied in each module and css if necessary pages: home, retreat, team and program

40.000,00 $0%280.000,00 $
1 Check loading of Webp images, due to current incompatibility of services

the configuration that enables the compressions from the server are not active, including webp, gzip

40.000,00 $0%40.000,00 $
4 Removal of plugins with content on the site, Slider plugins, extra modules, and woocommerce addons should be checked

some plugins will be replaced by others and others completely eliminated, this will improve the loading of the site and user flow

40.000,00 $0%160.000,00 $
2 adjust the payment gateway to have fewer fields and less information, such as the shopping cart or order information

woocommerce and yith plugins are used together to improve the experience, both pro families

40.000,00 $0%80.000,00 $
2 woocommerce user flow, remove all plugins and unnecessary purchase processes from the website and products until the payment is completed

some checkout plugins need configuration

40.000,00 $0%80.000,00 $
1 Conversion of webp files, format optimization (avoid transparency)

converting image files from png to jpeg and finally to webp and The original files must be kept for the database to have the information to display.

40.000,00 $0%40.000,00 $
2 cache test and leave a single plugin of the same

It is best to have a single cache and hosting management plugin if necessary

40.000,00 $0%80.000,00 $
2 CMR and DNS integration

integration of hubspot platform codes and cloudflare account setup

40.000,00 $0.00%80.000,00 $
Sub Total 960.000,00 $
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Pago a realizar 960.000,00 $

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